28 September 2007


On the first Saturday evening of Spring - at the conclusion of the Architects for Peace ‘Transported’ forum and after a week of three transport-related public forums in Melbourne - fifty or so people grabbed their bikes, lights and jackets to join an adventure with a swarm of cyclists.

meet, greet, slip on a table-less napkin, try a little spicy popcorn and sweet peppermint tea before we head off from the higher ground of Carlton to roll south ...

down the swanston spine and led along paths through the gardens named 'Kings Domain' and 'Queen Vic' and 'Alexandria', until we pause on the merry banks of the yarra for a helmut serve of seasonal artichoke, fennel, chickpea with spicy red pepper aside and warm, hot or cold conversations available for grabs ...

then off again to cross to the northern bank, past the vaults and travelling aside Flinders Street Station for an all-sweet and zippy dose of poached fruit

05 May 2006

One late autumn friday evening, despite ealier darkness and coolness a troupe of 30-40 cyclists (and rollerblader) respond to an open email initation to gather for a no-fuss fine fare on wheels to explore the season with a vegan 3 course meal over an evening inner city ride.

Yes, a bit of getting ready ...

Meet up for popcorn at carlton gardens

then ride heading north

and pause in the shelter of a bike path tunnel underneath the trams and combustion engines above on Royal Parade, settling in for an Iranian main dish ...

Yep, the recipes for the dinners are in popular demand - they will be put up here soon

04 May 2006


A late summers eve, a friday night and eighty people with an appetite for the spice of life joined the first Ride On Dinner as the finale event of a 3week Pedal-Powered Vehicles Workshop hosted by the Cultural Transports Unit of RMIT University.

First the meet up a carlton gardens

and 1st course: bread with dukha and olive oil

then ride

and a 2nd course: morrocan veg tagine on cous cous at edinburgh gardens

sweetened off with turkish delight & nuts, still at edinburgh gardens, with tail lights a flashing